Antiguajoe: I sing the songs of the Caribbean and love it,  festivals, Concerts , gigs, parties,  and even in your church, whilst  just having fun making people happy, thats what I do in life. I will also  help to fight the injustices of the world, which make people unhappy, as my previous life Mentors have done. Harry Belafonte , Nelson Mandela, Marcus Garvey, Vivian Richards, and my Parents. I am always willing to help someone who genuinely needs  help, unfortunately there are a lot of Fakers out there, so I use the word FRIEND very skeptically, until you have proved yourself. Until then you are an aquantaince, simples! I will not fill your head with platitudes,biut I will respect you, if you show me respect, and I will never stand for your arrogance or ignorance especially from the institutions who think they are always right. As I get ready to leave this earth, as my bones start to ache, and my veins start to slowly stop pumping the blood to my heart, I have enjoyed a lot of my life, even though there have been some very bad times, but as buddhist, I leave everything behind, and chant for enlightenment, and hope that  I will be remembered for more than Pepper in de Vaseline. Make sure you have a party, and no sad songs sung.Thats all I ask!

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    Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

    Track 8 - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

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    Antigua Joe

    Antigua Joe - Stir It Up

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